Makrophonie Triple Preamp & Distortion

Makrophonie Triple Preamp & Distortion

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Makrophonie is a triple preamp that builds on the excellent Mikrophonie by Music Thing Modular. Makrophonie forgoes the internal contact mic and gives you a total of THREE preamps for all your experimental pleasures:

  • Use it with a contact mic to hear intricate textures, springy spring sounds, or whatever else you want to rub it all over
  • Attach a contact mic to your guitar, banjo, shamisen, or crash cymbal to get those sounds into your rack for further experimentation
  • Plug in 3 contact mics to get three separate triggers for your drum modules, adjusting sensitivity with the knobs
  • Try your luck with random other microphones and see what happens
  • Connect an unused patch cable (or not) and start fiddling with the knob to get screechy, wobbly, short-wave-radio-tuning oscillation
Or do three of those things at the same time - one with each of the three identical preamps. The possibilities for experimenting with the above are kind of endless.

If that's not enough, you can patch sounds from other parts of your modular rack into one of the inputs for some gnarly, LOUD, distortion. Simple waveforms sometimes just get louder while others change shape in really interesting ways. Digital oscillators and complex waveforms can become something else entirely. BTW, the three preamps are separate but the output of the top preamp is normalled to the input of the next one, and so on. So you can plug the output of another module into the top input and hear the distorted signal on that same output. If that's not wild enough, you can listen to the second output for even more distortion. Or the third output for total madness!

  1. The outputs on this module are HOT/LOUD. That's just the nature of the beast. Also, it's a beast. So be ready for gnarly and rough, not refined and gentle.
  2. We don't sell contact mics - can either buy ones designed for acoustic guitars or just make them yourself! In either case, you're likely to have a 1/4" plug on the end of your mic, so you can grab a mono 1/8" to 1/4" adapter (or 2 or 3) from us.
  3. If you don't like the normalization from one preamp to the next, you can change this behavior using the supplied jumpers on the back of the module
Width: 5hp
Depth: 33mm (+9mm for the power cable)
Current Draw: 16ma on the +12V rail; 25ma on the -12V rail
Also Includes: (1) 20cm IDC power cable; (2) 2.54mm jumpers; (2) M3 x.5mm x 6mm mounting screws
A complete user's manual can be found in the Downloads section of this site.
SKU: XM003