Environmental Policy

You guys, we're trying!
All of our electricity comes from solar energy.
All PCBS and components* are lead-free.

We use recycled/reused materials as much as possible:
  • Our shipping envelopes are 100% recycled and can be reused or put in your recycled bin.
  • Same goes for the kraft paper boxes that modules come in.
  • Stickers are cool, but vinyl sucks. All of our stickers are paper or kraft paper.
  • All of the printed materials are on reclaimed or 100% recycled paper.
  • We include M3 x .5mm stainless screws for modules, but we don't use those little plastic bags.
  • We re-use packaging materials and static bags from our suppliers wherever we can.

* Except for the jacks that come with Hi, Jack! - we weren't able to verify whether those are lead-free, but they most likely are.