IXO MIDI+I2C Breakout Module

IXO MIDI+I2C Breakout Module

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IXO is a cousin of MIDIXO.

Like MIDIXO, it can serve as a TRS MIDI breakout for lots of Expert Sleepers modules (like disting mk4, disting EX, FH-2, ES-9, and General CV) and some other modules as well (like the Accord Melisma). Unlike its cousin, IXO also includes an I2C port to give you access to that protocol on modules like ER-301, disting EX, and Teletype. It makes a great interface between those modules and the 16n faderbank as well, giving you access to all those parameters through physical faders!

IXO is strictly for use as a breakout, so it doesn't include the jumpers that MIDIXO uses to work as a standalone TRS MIDI converter. It does include MIDIXO's polarity switches that keep you from having to worry about connecting two "incompatible" TRS MIDI devices.

IXO is only 2hp wide and doesn't require any power or connections on your busboard. It's a perfect utility for getting access to MIDI and I2C on some of the best modules and gear out there!

This is not a powered I2C busboard. Please verify that IXO will do what you need. Ask us, before ordering, if you have questions.

Width: 2hp
Depth: 17mm
Also Includes: (1) 20cm 4-pin cable; (1) 20cm 3-pin cable; (2) M3 x.5mm x 6mm mounting screws
Not included, but useful, is our 3.5mm TRS to 5-pin MIDI Adapter.
A complete user's manual can be found in the Downloads section of this site.
SKU: XM002